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We make cabin crew interview preparation easy!

Absolutely essential reading for any Cabin Crew.
Loved it!
Really helpful, I felt totally prepared going into the interview.
Highly recommend to anyone who is serious about getting a job as cabin crew

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Why you should become cabin crew!

Let's face it, 9 to 5 jobs are boring!

Dragging yourself out of bed each morning, dreading the day in front of you. Each day the same as the last, feeling like a mouse on a treadmill, saving up for your one holiday a year.THE CHOICE IS YOURS.

cities around the world

But just imagine this...

As part of an Airline Cabin Crew you typically work 12 days a month whilst getting paid royally for the entire month!

In the last few months you have seen:PARIS, LONDON, NEW YORK, ROME, TOKYO

You have been shopping in Bali, made new friends in Switzerland, learnt to tango in South America and seen an elephant up close in Africa!

The international shopping, the clothes, the latest gadgets, the gifts, the perks, the free airfares for friends and family.

The lifestyle is fantastic but preparing for the interview can be a real drag!

Struggling to prepare?

Airline Cabin Crew
Interviews are
WIDELY known as some of

It is estimated that for every 5 candidates who applies only 1 gets a JOB! YES! THAT IS AN


80% are left heart broken, disappointed and sent back to their old jobs.

Countless HARDWORKING and FANTASTIC CANDIDATES are so often passed over by the Airlines simply because of one thing - Lack of Interview Skills.

Deciding to prepare ‘on your own’ for an Airline Interview is an incredibly huge task. It is stressful, nerve wracking and often candidates simply don’t know where to start. Hours are wasted on the internet going around in circles. The closer the interview approaches the more nervous and out of their depth many start to feel. Unfortunately for many who DO decide to go it alone they simply aren’t as prepared as their competition.

When a panel of up to 5 SENIOR AIRLINE OFFICIALS asks you a question, they want an answer!

NOT a candidate who umms and arrs their way through the interview questions because they failed to prepare.

What will they ask me?!

What should I say?!

How do I prepare!?

It’s not that these people wouldn't make great Cabin Crew, they simply:

  • Don’t know what INTERVIEW QUESTIONS are asked at Cabin Crew Interviews.
  • Aren't prepared with ANSWERS.
  • Fumble ignorantly through the TECHNICAL QUESTIONS.

It doesn’t HAVE to be like that…

Looking To Improve YOUR Interview?

Start Here!

The Ultimate
Cabin Crew

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looking for guidance?

We take you through everything YOU NEED TO KNOW about how a Cabin Crew Interview works and HOW TO PREPARE!

need fast preparation?

Our QUICK and EASY preparation system is based on hundreds of interview questions asked previously at Cabin Crew Interviews. It is targeted and to the point. It dramatically reduces your research time and focuses on exactly what you need to know. Saving you time, stress and money.

In under 2 hours you will be on your way to delivering a more confident, more informed and higher quality airline interview.

The easy way to prepare

  1. Study past Interview Questions from the World’s Leading Airlines organized into common topics.
  2. Read the helpful advice from our HR and Airline Professionals.
  3. Using our ‘Preplanned Answer Section’ start compiling your interview answers.
  4. Use our ‘Answer Ideas Section’ to help you come up with fantastic answers.
  5. Get practicing! Practice makes perfect!

feeling alone in your interview preparation?

with over 10 years
in Airline Business.

Cabin Crew

New to Cabin Crew Interviews? We're not! Our team of contributors range from current Airline Crew to HR Personnel to Presentation Perfectionists, even an Airline Captain!

We KNOW Airlines and we KNOW Airline Interviews. We are PASSIONATE about helping good people just like you into the roles that they deserve. So don’t prepare on your own, come and JOIN US!

You WILL be reading the advice from the INSIDE. Insider tips from people within the industry who have actually PASSED an Airline Interview and been successful.

We give you over 400 actual Past interview questions!

The best way to prepare is to PRACTICE answering INTERVIEW QUESTIONS!

We proudly hold one of:

The World's Largest most updated databases of ACTUAL CABIN CREW INTERVIEW QUESTIONS

YES!! ACTUAL PAST interview questions submitted by past Cabin Crew.

Qatar Airways,
Etihad Airways,
Cathay Pacific,
Singapore Airlines,
Air Asia,
Continental Airlines,
Delta Air Lines,
Ryan Air,
Easy Jet,

Jet Airways,
Japan Airlines,
Indigo Airlines,
American Airlines,
Air India,
Korean Air,
Fly Dubai,
Air New Zealand,
United Airlines,
Alaska Airlines,
US Airways,
Mesa Air,

SkyWest Airlines,
Hawaiian Airlines,
Virgin Atlantic,
Virgin Australia,
Spicejet Airlines,
Air Canada,
Air Transat,
Egypt Air,
British Airways,
Malaysian Airlines,
Pinnacle Airlines

friendly woman

Organized conveniently into
COMMON TOPICS to help you
TARGET your interview preparation.

Cabin Crew Interview Practice Questions.
  • Dramatically decreases surprise.
  • Organised into common topics so you can see what topics you MUST be prepared for.
  • Shows you what questions airlines love to ask time and time again.

Just in: Updated questions!
Updated regularly: You will receive the absolute LATEST version of our guide with updated questions as they come in!

Just been for an interview? 'Contact us' and tell us what YOU were asked in your interview and help make the guide EVEN BETTER!!!

Save time researching!

WHY WASTE HOURS of YOUR precious time trying to research interview questions?

WE have done the HARD WORK so YOU don’t have to!!!

Spend your hours relaxing, NOT going cross eyed in front of the computer!

We tell you what answers you need to preplan!

Looking to impress the interviewers?

There is NOTHING more satisfying in an interview than delivering back a CLEAR, Confident and Fantastic answer to a panel of interviewers. When done well, an interview can be an EXHILARATING experience.

OUR HR personnel will guide you through EXACTLY what answers you need to PRE PLAN for a Cabin Crew Interview. Helping you be MORE prepared for MORE interview questions and LESS likely to be embarrassed and without an answer.



Cabin Crew ANSWER
Idea Sections
on the PLANET!

You can select and use these answers or adapt them into your own. The CHOICE is yours.


FEEL more CONFIDENT knowing you are PREPARED for MORE interview questions.

The Answers

Designed and created by ACTUAL HR Personnel.

We give you literally hundreds of fantastic CABIN CREW ANSWER IDEAS for YOU TO USE.

Great Answer Ideas for:

  • Strengths and weaknesses.
  • Why you want to be a Cabin Crew Member.
  • Why they should hire you.
  • Why you left your previous job.
  • Why you want to be a Cabin Crew Member.

And many more! Answers to cover almost any topic asked in the interview.

what's in the guideWe cover EVERYTHING you need to know.

Stop stressing about your upcoming airline interview. We will GUIDE YOU through how to prepare for NOT ONLY the Questions and Answers but also EVERYTHING ELSE that comes with the interview.

  • What to wear – How to blow them away with your presentation
  • How to form a great first impression - including body language techniques.
  • What to bring with you – including the things most people forget.
  • How to structure your answers to increase effectiveness.
  • How to answer the ‘Tell Me About Yourself’ question - the foundation of your interview.
  • Interview techniques and tips to impress the interviewers.
  • One of the Worlds LARGEST Cabin Crew Interview Questions Banks -updated 2013.
  • The Ultimate ‘Cabin Crew Pre Planned Answers’ that you MUST be armed with prior to the interview.
  • One of the Worlds Largest Cabin Crew Interview Answer Ideas Sections.
  • Our EXCLUSIVE ‘Cabin Crew Interview Technical Question Preparation Template’. And MUCH MORE!
Now with bonus features.

We tell you what Company, Aircraft and Industry knowledge you must have!



In the Aviation Business - Not knowing is not good enough.

Every candidate knows that they will be asked technical questions about the Airline, Industry and Aircraft.


THE Ultimate Cabin Crew Interview
“The Ultimate Time Saver”

TRY these free interview questions now:

  1. Who is the CEO?
  2. Hidden (available in the guide).
  3. Who sang the song in our last advertisement?
  4. Who designed the Cabin Crew uniform?
  5. Hidden (available in the guide).
  6. What terminal do we operate out of at our main base?
  7. Hidden (available in the guide)
  8. What is the IATA code for our Airline?
  9. Hidden (available in the guide)

Questions 10 - 70 (available in the guide!)

YES these are actual past interview questions that have been thrown at candidates!!!


The technical template is great for the telephone interview!

I don't want to break my piggy bank

Save money on interview coaching. Why pay someone over $100 an hour to ask you questions? Your friend could do THAT!!!

With interview coaching, you may only cover 10 questions in an hour IF you are LUCKY. Before you know it that hour is OVER and your Money is GONE. Never to be seen again.

You can read our guide at your OWN pace on your OWN time not on someone else’s!

"An important key to success is confidence. An important key to confidence is preparation"

It's time to banish the nervousness that is holding you back from achieving your dreams.

We will arm you with everything you need to prepare so you can deliver a high quality confident interview.

"The presentation tips were fantastic"

Want to have a ‘Best Looking Interview’ of your life? We will tell you HOW!

Look fantastic and instantly pass the presentation standards. Who better to ask how you should look for your interview than the people who live and breath airline presentation every day. We will tell you how to look fantastic, feel confident and be hired the moment you walk in the door. Then, all you need to do is deliver your answers and as you know, we’ve got you covered there as well!

We have fantastic tailoring and style tips for both girls and guys. Great tips for the girls and great tips for the guys. It ALL starts with LOOKING GOOD!

I want to Pass the interview FIRST TIME and
get the DREAM NOW.

Why ask for the interview advice the second time around? We will arm you with the airline interview knowledge that you need to get the job FIRST TIME!

Why put your dream on hold?

Protect your future earnings and get onto that seniority list NOW.

I want to KNOW MORE than the other candidates!

To our knowledge 2 Hours To A Better Cabin Crew Interview contains:

MORE Airlines than ANY guide on the market

MORE Interview Questions than ANY guide on the market

MORE Answers than ANY other guide.

AND it is written by ACTUAL HR Personal and Airline Professionals. If you can find a guide that can say THIS, even WE want to know about it!!

Easy and Enjoyable interview preparation

Interview preparation DOESN’T have to be stressful.

Download our guide instantly in ultra compatible PDF format. Great for tablets, printing or viewing on almost any device!

Read it at your local café, by the fire, by the pool, even by the BEACH!!!

SO RELAX!!! Stress is for people who don’t know how to prepare

Reviews and Testimonials from our happy Customers

Extremely helpful

5 Stars - definitely recommend!

This guide is essential reading for any cabin crew.

I would encourage any person going for an interview to read this book. Definitely recommend.

A very well researched book. Recommend.

I give this book 5 stars. I hate interviews with a passion. I had put off applying for the airlines because I knew I would have to do an interview. After reading this book I have taken the plunge and actually applied to a number of airlines! I am hoping for an interview soon. Wish me luck!

I found the preplanned answers section essential. The practice questions were fantastic. I got a couple of extra curly questions regarding service issues but I managed to work around these.

Professional and easy to read

This book provided me with thorough preparation. I really felt prepared going into the interview.

I wish I had this interview book when I was applying for my airline job years ago. It is a very good system for preparing.

Really helpful!

Some great tips on how to improve your interview. I liked the answer section.

The question and answer sections are fantastic, I found this book to have some really great tips.


I would have to say that the tips in here are fantastic for any job interview. Really helpful.

I thought this book was really helpful for my interview. I loved the answer section. It was easy having a system of planning my answers before the interview!

Well written and worth the money. Overall some really useful advice.

I thought this book was really good. It was really interesting seeing the questions that the different airlines ask. I have not been for an interview yet but I feel like this book will help me when I do get called up.

I would have to say this guide is one of the better interview books around. It provided me with structured and thorough preparation. Preparing for the topics was such good advice. I had previously worked as cabin crew but I would have to say this book helped me a lot with the interview for my new job. Well worth the read.

Helpful practice questions. Good answer planning system. Helpful answer ideas. It even tells you what you need to research about the company. Overall I give this book 5 stars.

This book is fantastic for hopeful cabin crew

Really good preparation

I would highly recommend anyone going for an interview to read this book. Very good.

This book was recommend to me by a friend.I thought the presentation tips were great. The tell me about yourself part was really helpful. An excellent read.

"luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity"

If you are serious about getting this job and the dream - Do you think that out of 100’s of practice questions – 100’s of answers – as well as tips and advice from from HR and Airline Professionals you could improve your interview?

It has worked for countless other candidates just like you.

So don’t just ‘Dream a Dream’ – TAKE action and START LIVING IT.


You can now try this guide risk free with our 100% money back guarantee.

Risk Free with our
60 DAY 100%
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Pre Takeoff Checklist

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Ladies and Gentleman please remain seated and fasten your seat belts

The 2014 edition now has
a number of FREE BONUS FEATURES!!!

2 hours to a better cabin crew interview Buy $37


Learn How to PASS
the Airline Group Interview

Our HR personnel have written an easy to read, helpful guide on How to Pass the Group Activities. Exactly what to do, how to act and more importantly, what NOT to do. Including the COMMON ERRORS many candidates make that gets them immediately eliminated.

Valued at $15.00


The Ultimate Cabin Crew
Interview Checklist.

A detailed 60 point checklist to ensure that you are 100% ready and more importantly DON'T forget anything that could ruin your chances.

Valued at $15.00


NEW!! Bonus and Tricky
Question Section

A new section with service scenario based interview questions as well as some past tricky interview questions!

Valued at $25.00


Updated Questions from
Middle East Airlines.

Valued at $20.00

$80.00 Worth of Bonuses now included ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!

That is a total Value of $545.00

Instant access $37

Recruitment Update June 2014!!!

2014 is looking like it will be an INCREDIBLE year in aviation recruitment.

Who's hiring Cabin Crew THIS MONTH!:
QATAR - Doha based (Min tax/ accommodation provided)
AIR ASIA - Malaysia
EMIRATES - Dubai based (Min tax/ accommodation provided)
JET AIRWAYS - India various bases.

Many of these Airlines are currently give VERY LITTLE NOTICE to candidates!

100's of Questions, 100's of answers. Everything you need now with the bonuses included


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2 hours to a better cabin crew interview

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"The will to win is nothing without the will to prepare"

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